Watch: MAMAMOO Makes Hilarious References To Jung Woo Sung And More During Blue Dragon Film Awards

MAMAMOO’s recent performance at the 37th Blue Dragon Film Awards, which took place on November 25, is being praised for the witty revisions they added to “Décalcomanie.”

Kim Hye Soo

They started out by paying respects to actress Kim Hye Soo, and Hwasa said, “I really love you” (at the 0:29 mark). Solar continued with a shout out to Kwak Do Won and child actor Kim Hwan Hee from “The Wailing.” In addition to changing up the lyrics to include their names, she parodied Kim Hwan Hee’s famous line from the movie, “What is, what is, what is important!?”

Kim Hwan Hee Lee Byung Hun

After the refrain (at 1:28), the members then turned their attention to Lee Byung Hun, and said one of his most memorable, comedic lines from “Inside Men,” “Do you want to go to mojito and drink a Maldives?”

Jung Woo Sung

The best line of the whole song, however, was when Moonbyul boldly asked Jung Woo Sung, “If I can [drink this] in one shot, do you want to date me?,” which is a well-known line from the actor’s 2004 film, “A Moment to Remember.”

At the very end, MAMAMOO finished their performance with an encouragement to everyone in the film industry.

Watch the fantastic performance below!

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