B1A4 Has A Sweet Response To Question About First Place Promise

Before their newest music video “A Lie” and third studio album “Good Timing” dropped on November 28 at midnight KST, B1A4 held a live stream through Naver’s V Live to talk about their latest release.

The members were reading the comments, when they noticed one fan’s question in particular that asked what they will promise to do if “A Lie” wins first place on a music show.

“First place is significant as well, but honestly, how important are rankings. I’m excited for our concert where we’ll be able to meet our fans,” Baro answered.

He added that he’s curious how the concert will turn out because he’ll see everyone up close and personal. “We plan to showcase more exciting stages,” he vowed, and said that all the members are working hard in preparation.

B1A4 will be holding a solo concert sometime in February.

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