Seo In Guk Doesn’t Hold Back When Asked Which He Prefers Between Acting And Singing

A double threat in the entertainment industry, Seo In Guk has proved himself to be talented as both a singer and actor, although with varying results.

During a recent interview, he opened up about how he’s perceived more as an actor in the public’s eye, despite the great amount of affection he has for both acting and singing.

“Many people ask me which one I like more. I think it’s a question that’s based on things that are visible [to the public]. You see, I was even producing until late last night before coming here. I don’t place more importance on one over the other. However, I understand why someone might ask such a question just based on what they see, [promotion-wise],” Seo In Guk commented.

He firmly stated that both acting and singing are precious to him, and revealed, “I go around with my computer so I can make music when I’m not filming on set.”

In response to why there are long gaps between his solo releases, Seo In Guk said that the timing unfortunately worked out that way. “If I release an album while I’m currently working on a drama or film production, then that’s inconveniencing the production. I want to show myself solely through the drama when I’m working on one, and vice versa, I want to show myself through an album when I release one,” he explained.

While he will be enlisting in the army soon, Seo In Guk hinted that he still has some things he wants to do before he goes.

Check out Seo In Guk in his most recent drama that just ended, “Shopping King Louie“!

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