gugudan’s Kim Sejeong Reveals How She Feels About I.O.I’s Inevitable Disbandment

gugudan and I.O.I member Kim Sejeong recently shared how she’s been feeling regarding the inevitable future of I.O.I.

On November 30, Kim Sejeong appeared on the JTBC show “As One Says” (tentative title), where she talked about I.O.I’s disbandment. “I think I’m going to miss the members so much. Whenever I think about it, I end up crying alone in the practice room,” she shared.

Kim Sejeong also talked about how she became an idol, saying, “I wanted to become a singer ever since I was in elementary school, so I auditioned to more than 20 companies in order to cultivate my dream.”

Meanwhile, I.O.I will be holding a solo concert at the end of January of next year before their inevitable disbandment.

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