Watch: Zico Encourages Fan To Chase Her Dreams With An Unexpected Surprise

It’s one thing to have your role model personally encourage you, but something completely different to have the opportunity to sing, or rap, with them.

In the ninth installment of a series where they invite celebrities to come and support unsuspecting fans, Dingo Studios interviewed Kim Ji Yoon, a high school student who wishes to become an artist and make her own music.

Explaining that she wanted to do something she loved because “you only live once,” the young aspiring rapper said that she mainly practiced on her own at coin karaokes – smaller rooms where you pay per song rather than by hour – since she doesn’t have her family’s support when it came to her dreams.

Just as she said, Kim Ji Yoon was practicing one day at a coin karaoke, not knowing that a special guest was listening in right next door.

Block B’s Zico, who happens to be her role model, commented that she had a good sense of rhythm, before he went over for the best surprise ever. While Kim Ji Yoon was energetically rapping “Okey Dokey” by WINNER’s Song Mino and Zico himself, the Block B member gleefully entered the room and successfully startled the young girl.

Kim Ji Yoon Zico 2 Kim Ji Yoon

Zico joined in for the rest of the song, as he amusingly listened to both Kim Ji Yoon’s impressive rapping skills and her incomprehensible sounds of shock.

Afterwards, when she confessed that she was scared of telling her parents that this is what she wanted to do for the rest of her life, the rapper had some sound advice to offer.

“To be honest, all jobs are risky. It’s your freedom to challenge yourself [despite the risks]. Prove yourself to them by showing them your progress from now on.” He continued on and said that she’ll do well, and that she should never doubt herself. “You just have to work hard and enjoy yourself,” Zico sincerely said.

Kim Ji Yoon promised that she will meet him again on stage one day, to which Zico replied that he would be waiting, before he gave her a warm hug.

Watch the hilarious but extremely touching video below!

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