SECHSKIES Reveals What They Have Planned For Beginning Of 2017

For those of you who were disappointed that SECHSKIES’s latest album had no new songs, rejoice! The group is planning on releasing new music in 2017.

SECHSKIES opened up about their first comeback in 16 years during an interview commemorating the release of their new album “2016 Re-ALBUM.”

The members stated, “It’s the first time that we’re back together in 16 years, and we’ve put together a good batch of songs to release as an album. Our old songs were reborn through YG, and we’re very happy with the results.”

Kang Sung Hoon added, “We think of this remake album as a gift to our fans for the holiday season. We’ve remastered the songs with YG so that they go well with the winter season.”

Eun Ji Won stated, “We aren’t sorry [about just releasing remakes] because we’re currently recording new songs for a new album. We hope the remake album can act as common ground to help bring our old and new fans together.”

Regarding the upcoming album, the members of SECHSKIES said, “We plan to release new music next January. We plan on being active from the beginning of the year. Yang Hyun Suk isn’t going easy on us.”

SECHSKIES’s “2016 Re-ALBUM” features remakes of ten tracks from the group’s glory days. The album dominated domestic online music charts as soon as it was released and did well for a remake album, even topping the iTunes album charts in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan.

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