MAMAMOO To Become 3-Minute Girlfriends On “SNL Korea”

The December 3 live broadcast of tvN’s “SNL Korea Season 8” will see MAMAMOO transform into 3-minute girlfriends.

The group is known for their diverse talents, from their unparalleled singing prowess to their excellent variety sense, so their appearance is widely anticipated.

According to the show’s production team, the members of MAMAMOO will be showcasing their individual charms as they transform into 3-minute girlfriends for Yoo Se Yoon, who plays a lonely man that feels even lonelier as the year draws to a close.

Photos of the recording have been released, including shots of Solar and Yoo Se Yoon posing with a friendly atmosphere. It is rumoured that Solar played the virtual girlfriend role so well alongside Yoo Se Yoon that even the production team was surprised.

mamamoo solar hwasa moonbyul

The photos also offered a sneak peek of Hwasa and Moonbyul’s transformation into “tough unnies,” with Hwasa dressed as the beloved villain Harley Quinn from “Suicide Squad.”

PD Min Jin Ki said about MAMAMOO that they already have good chemistry among themselves, and like the beagle-dols that they are, they’re positively adorable and brimming with energy.

“They got along perfectly with the SNL8 crew, and even led the filming with all sorts of ad-libs. This episode is expected to open new prospects for female idol hosts,” he added.

Are you excited to see these lovable beagle-girls on “SNL Korea”?

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