SHINee’s Taemin, No, Minho Spills The Beans On Taemin’s Ideal Type

The December 1 episode of Mnet’s “Yang and Nam Show” was a hilarious display of SHINee’s excellent variety sense as they spilled the beans on each other, did more voice mimicry, and spoke openly to and about each other, no holds barred.

There was a segment where they had to pretend to be each other, and when the host asked Minho, who was playing Taemin, what his ideal type was, “Taemin” declared that his ideal type is a very voluptuous person, which got the real Taemin incredibly flustered and quite ready to hit his mischievous fellow member.

shinee minho taemin

Taemin eventually had his own go at Jonghyun, whom he agreed was “greasy.” He then reproduced Jonghyun’s unique speaking style down to a T, causing great laughter on the set.

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