Super Junior’s Kim Heechul Reveals What Really Goes Down At SM’s End-Of-Year Party

On December 1, Kim Heechul talked about SM Entertainment’s end-of-year party on the Channel A show “Singderella.”


Prizes are awarded at the party, and it seems the competition can get intense. “First place is a really expensive luxury bag,” Kim Heechul said. “Second place gets a trip abroad for a week. I’ve received an iPhone in the past.”

He added, “The rookie groups are really enthusiastic. They dance really passionately, more passionately than when they’re working. But when the judges have to pick the winners, they hang on to Lee Soo Man’s every word. If Lee Soo Man says something like, ‘Why don’t we give all three teams prizes?’ then immediately the rankings are abolished.”

“Lee Soo Man always says the same thing at the party,” he went on. “He points to Kangta and says, ‘I wanted to do an end-of-year party like this during H.O.T’s time.’ He tells the company juniors that all this was possible due to H.O.T.”

Former H.O.T member Moon Hee Jun shared his own experience, saying, “In the past, it was just Yoo Yeong Jin, S.E.S, and H.O.T. We did our end-of-year party at a Chinese restaurant. Lee Soo Man said, ‘You guys did a good job’ right before ordering jajangmyun (black bean paste noodles). Everyone immediately ordered the same thing.”

Sounds like some things haven’t changed!

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