SHINee’s Minho Talks Candidly About The Difficulty Of Quitting Smoking

In a previous interview for his film “Two Men” with Ma Dong Seok, SHINee’s Minho had revealed that he had to learn how to smoke for his character.

However, quitting proved to be a challenge. “At first I wasn’t going to [smoke],” Minho said in an interview on November 30. His character in the film is a teenage runaway who often drinks and smokes. “I told the director about my decision and he removed all the smoking scenes, but when I looked at the revised script, I could feel the absence. Smoking is a part of his character, so after thinking it over, I decided that I would take on the challenge.”

“Every time I smoked, I thought, ‘This isn’t me, but Jin Il [his character name],'” he continued. “I felt that I was getting closer to the character. But I also began to understand why people smoked right after eating, right after drinking, right after finishing a shoot. After we finished filming the movie, I would pinch myself to keep the urge away. At one point I felt like giving up, but I thought to myself, ‘Was I such a weak person as this?’ and managed to quit successfully.”

Minho now has a word of caution for young people who might be pressured into smoking. “When I didn’t smoke, lots of people who did smoke would say stuff to me about it, but we shouldn’t say things carelessly. I want to tell people they should try to cut back and avoid temptation.”

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