Watch: Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon Dishes On Her Solo Debut

As the latest member of Girls’ Generation to make her solo debut, Hyoyeon charmed fans in a special V Live broadcast to promote her new single, “Mystery”!


In her episode of the recurring “DANSTAGRAM” series, the singer treats fans to a hilarious double-speed choreography performance of Girls’ Generation songs “Mr. Taxi” and “Hoot,” as well as an intimate dance practice version of her new solo song.

During the broadcast, Hyoyeon describes “Mystery” as a “Latin-inspired song that even Girls’ Generation hasn’t tried before, which really suits [her] husky voice.” She adds that the other members agree that the song has raised her personal bar.


As for the song’s official music video, which dropped earlier today, Hyoyeon makes a note of the costume choices, which she feels are a perfect match for the song’s “dreamy lyrics” and really help “set the video’s tone.”

Check out the episode’s seductive performance of “Mystery” in the clip below!

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