INFINITE’s Dongwoo And Hoya Feed Fans, Reveal Their Eating Habits

INFINITE’s Dongwoo and Hoya are determined to make sure their beloved Inspirits (their fanclub) are eating well!

The two teamed up for an episode of the V Live broadcast “Night Eating Show,” where the two adorably attempted to share the food they were eating with viewers through the screen. Holding grilled shrimp and lettuce-wrapped meats up to the camera, they read off fans’ V App usernames, adding a playful “Take a bite, please!”


The program regularly features popular K-pop artists sitting down to a late-night meal, and in this particular episode, the boys proved to be big fans of midnight snacks.

“10 p.m. is the time of day that the world is the hungriest,” Hoya insisted.

The comment inspired a sarcastic and equally matter-of-fact reaction from Dongwoo. “If you exercise and eat late at night, it’s great for your diet!”


As they ate, they discussed fitness tips and their usual diets, which led to Dongwoo making a surprising food confession.

“When I was young, I almost died from eating bad oysters,” he explained, adding that while he enjoys other local seafood, oysters are something he refuses to eat.

INFINITE completed promotions for their sixth album “Infinite Only” this fall.

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