B1A4 Finishes Giving Statements To Police For “SNL Korea” Sexual Assault Case

B1A4 has finished giving their statements to the police about the recent “SNL Korea” sexual assault controversy, according to a report by Dispatch.

A source from the Seoul, Mapo police station said on December 2, “December 1, the B1A4 members submitted written statements about what happened.” The source was unable to disclose what exactly they said, as the investigation is in its beginning stages.

INFINITE and Block B will also be speaking to police, as videos of the two groups being subjected to the same actions as B1A4 had surfaced following the controversy.

Whether or not Lee Se Young and the other staff members of “SNL Korea” will be summoned for questioning has yet to be decided. Police stated, “Our priority is to determine if there was sexual molestation or not. After talking to the idol groups and examining the videos, we will make a decision.”

According to Dispatch, in the case that Lee Se Young is found guilty, she could receive a punishment of up to 10 years in prison or a fine of 15 million won (approximately $12,800).

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