BTOB’s Eunkwang Gives Lesson As A Vocal Trainer, With Ilhoon As His Student

The December 1 broadcast of “VApp– BTOB The Beat Season 4” saw BTOB’s Eunkwang turn into a music teacher, with band rapper Ilhoon and their manager as his students. Despite Eunkwang’s initial feelings of awkwardness, the lesson began on a lighthearted note as the barefaced Ilhoon teased their manager for wearing makeup to the broadcast.

The song that Eunkwang prepared for the lesson was “Tears,” the song he sang on “King of Masked Singer.” He advised his students to familiarize themselves with the melody first and interpret the lyrics in their own way. Then, they should draw out the notes and practice the vibrations.

“[Then,] as you listen to the melody, read the lyrics and reinterpret them. Do your best to draw a picture in your head, and sing with all the emotion you can spare,” he said.

eunkwang ilhoon 1

To Ilhoon’s question of when to memorize the lyrics, Eunkwang replied that it would come naturally as he practices, but Ilhoon cheekily followed up with “Don’t you forget the lyrics all the time?” causing laughter to break out on set.

Despite his mischief, Ilhoon proved to be the model student as he took notes and asked questions diligently. He also showed his own unique interpretation of the song.

When Eunkwang explained that the score is in the female singer’s original key, so it’s really high, Ilhoon gamely responded, “Let’s do it like Sparta and just use the original key.”

On the other hand, Eunkwang remained the earnest music teacher from the start till the end. He was generous with his praise, and answered every question to the best of his ability, including questions by fans at the end of the lesson.

btob eunkwang ilhoon 2

Would you like to learn singing from Eunkwang with Ilhoon as your classmate?

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