GFRIEND Chooses Block B’s Zico As The Singer They Want To Collaborate With

GFRIEND has sent Block B’s Zico a love call.

An artist welcoming meeting was held at the Hong Kong AsiaWorld-EXPO on December 2 ahead of the 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

During this event, GFRIEND stated, “One of the goals we wrote down at the beginning of the year was attending the Mnet Asian Music Awards. We’re so happy that we accomplished that goal, and we’ve prepared a lot for this day, so keep an eye out for us.”


When asked who they would like to collaborate with, the members of GFRIEND chose Zico and said, “Though it would be nice to perform on stage together, we actually really want to work on a song with him.”

Zico’s name was brought up again when GFRIEND spoke about the performances they were most excited about as they stated, “We’re excited for Zico, Crush, and Dean’s performance. We’re also anticipating Yoo Ah In and BewhY’s collaboration as well.”

If Zico and GFRIEND ever worked together, what do you think that song would sound like?

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