Watch: BTS Becomes Kings Of Eating In Behind-The-Scenes BBQ Chicken Video

You might have heard of chicken and beer, but chicken and BTS might be an even better combo.

The behind-the-scenes video of BTS’s latest commercial for BBQ Chicken shows the members having fun and chowing down on some delicious-looking chicken. They do everything from marveling at the size of grilled Jamaican jerk spiced chicken thighs in an outdoor feast to savoring the crunch of BBQ Chicken’s signature golden olive oil chicken tenders.

BTS can be seen pulling hilarious facial expressions that reflect just how much they’re enjoying their job, and who wouldn’t be having fun if they were in BTS’s position?

BBQ Chicken’s description for the behind-the-scenes video states that it may even be funnier than the original commercial. Give them a watch and see if you agree.