“Infinite Challenge” Reveals The Amount The Show Has Donated Over The Past 8 Years

On the December 3 episode of “Infinite Challenge,” the show’s production staff revealed to the cast that the show has donated over 4.7 billion won (over $4 million) over the past 8 years.

Infinite Challenge 2

Every year “Infinite Challenge” sells branded calendars and planners. They donate all this, as well as the money they make from digital singles in their various musical projects, to charity.

Infinite Challenge 1

On the episode, the cast members read out thank-you letters from people who had benefited from the donation. Many of them were stories from students who received a scholarship in some form, as well as one memorable letter from a mother in the middle of chemotherapy.

Jung Joon Ha Park Myung Soo Infinite Challenge

One student wrote about how they were pursuing their dream to become an ad designer, while another said they took third place at a national rifle competition with the scholarship money they had received.

Watch the latest episode of “Infinite Challenge” below!

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