Lee Seo Jin Jokes About His And Shinhwa Member Eric’s First Meeting

On the December 3 broadcast of KBS2’s “Entertainment Weekly,” actor Lee Seo Jin talked about some of the people he has befriended through his projects.

While bringing up the actor’s colleagues Lee Soon Jae, Jo Jae Hyun, Na Young Suk, Shinhwa’s Eric, and Kim Kwang Gyu, the host exclaimed, “Eric said that everyone who meets Lee Seo Jin becomes timid.”

lee seo jin eric

When asked if Eric becomes modest in front of him as well, Lee Seo Jin shared, “Yes, Eric is an incredibly kind guy. He always has been.”

They cracked up when Lee Seo Jin joked that his friend was so timid that “when we first met on the set of the 2004 MBC drama ‘Phoenix,’ he bowed while on his knees to greet me.” The actor later explained that he happened to arrived while Eric was sitting on his knees.

Additionally, Lee Seo Jin selected Lee Soon Jae as the colleague he still wants to be close to in the next life. Showing deep respect for the actor, he said, “I’d like to be reborn as Lee Soon Jae’s son.”

Looks like Eric definitely gave Lee Seo Jin a strong first impression!

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