AOA’s Choa Recalls Her First Impression Of H.O.T’s Moon Hee Jun

On the first episode of the new variety program “Sing For You,” AOA’s Choa, who is an MC for the show, revealed a special memory from the group’s early days that included co-host Moon Hee Jun.

“When AOA’s album came out and wasn’t doing very well, we appeared on a program that Moon Hee Jun was hosting. At the time, he kindly looked after us.” she shared. “Because of him, I began thinking that maybe all veteran TV entertainers had great personalities.”


Upon hearing this, the humbled but playful Moon Hee Jun had to interject. “I debuted in 1996, but this is my first time hearing a younger artist say that I have a great personality. Thank you,” he commented, inciting plenty of laughter.

The pair host “Sing For You” alongside fellow celebrity singers Hong Kyung Min and Yoo Jae Hwan. Each episode has the hosts discuss a variety of topics regarding their careers.

Do you agree with Choa’s impression of Moon Hee Jun?

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