“SNL Korea” Swept Up In Controversy For Unintentionally Poking Fun At Actress With Breast Cancer

“SNL Korea” has been swept up into another controversy.

On December 3, the latest episode of “SNL Korea” showed a parody segment of comedienne Jung Yi Rang imitating veteran actress Um Aing Ran. During the segment, Jung Yi Rang dressed up as Um Aing Ran and competed in a singing competition against MAMAMOO’s Hwasa, singing Baek Ji Young’s “Like Being Hit by a Bullet.” The minute the word “Chest” came out in the song, Jung Yi Rang imitated Um Aing Ran while saying, “Whenever the topic of chests comes up, I feel ashamed. I don’t have a chest to hold.” Upon hearing this, comedienne Ahn Young Mi replies as a joke, “Not having a chest. I can personally relate to that.”

However, after the segment, it was found that Um Aing Ran received a diagnosis for breast cancer at the beginning of this year, and underwent a major operation in removing her right breast. In response, many viewers began criticizing “SNL Korea” for seemingly degrading Um Aing Ran’s serious condition.

On December 4, a source from Jung Yi Rang’s agency stated, “Jung Yi Rang did not know that Um Aing Ran went through surgery due to breast cancer. Her segment unintentionally became a controversy. She is sorry to have caused trouble. Jung Yi Rang has sent an apology to Um Aing Ran.”

“SNL Korea” also stated, “Jung Yi Rang’s character is a combination of Um Aing Ran and Kim Young Ran, who created the anti-corruption act commonly known as the ‘Kim Young Ran law.’ Jung Yi Rang truly did not know Um Aing Ran’s personal situation and said an ad-lib to fit the content of the broadcast segment, which caused a misunderstanding.”

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Meanwhile, this is not the first controversy that “SNL Korea” has been involved with. The show has also received much criticism for its recent sexual assault controversy.

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