Tony Ahn Learns His Health Is In Danger From Years Of Smoking And Drinking

On December 2, Tony Ahn, Kim Gun Mo, and Park Soo Hong guested on the SBS variety show “My Ugly Duckling.”

In the episode, Tony Ahn went to the hospital to get a health checkup. He said, “For 20 years I’ve been constantly smoking and drinking five times a week,” and revealed he had recently fainted.

After the examination, the doctor said, “The abdominal sonogram revealed a 7mm cyst in your kidney.” In addition, Tony Ahn was found to have gastritis, duodenitis, and his liver somatic index was well beyond the normal range due to frequent drinking.

Tony Ahn My Ugly Duckling

The doctor recommended, “You must stop drinking and smoking immediately and start regulating your eating habits. We will make further decisions after another examination in a month.”

He added, “If this lifestyle continues, you may develop fatty liver, cirrhosis, or liver cancer in the future.”

In the audience of “My Ugly Duckling,” Tony Ahn’s mother watched with concern, eventually tearing up at the end. “You need to stop drinking for a while,” she said. “You have to love and take care of your own body. Take care of your health.”

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