Kim Heechul Reveals His Friendship With AOA’s Seolhyun

On the first episode of the hidden camera show “Secretly Greatly,” Kim Heechul reveals how he became friends with AOA’s Seolhyun.

When Lee Soo Geun hears about their friendship, he asks Heechul, “I’ve always wondered about something. How in the world do you get close to them?”

Kim Heechul says, “The ‘shin’ in Kim Shin Young, the ‘shin’ in Shin Jimin, the ‘kim’ in Kim Heechul, and the ‘kim’ in Kim Seolhyun. We get together a lot, calling ourselves ‘sour kimchi’ (shin kimchi).” The show then reveals footage of the four celebrities enjoying water activities and other hobbies together, showing their common interests.

kim heechul seolhyun

You can watch the first episode of “Secretly Greatly” here:

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