Watch: DSP’s New Co-Ed Group K.A.R.D Introduces Themselves Through Mannequin Challenge

As the anticipation grows for the new co-ed group, KARD released their very own take on the popular mannequin challenge!

While their names were already released through teaser images, each member’s name – Jeon Somin, BM, Jeon Jiwoo, and J.Seph – is shown as the video progresses. At the very end, an extremely brief part of what seems to be their debut song, “OHNANA,” is also revealed.

As of now, it is uncertain if these four are the final members of KARD, or if more members will be introduced later on.

Meanwhile, KARD has also been holding live streams through Naver’s V Live, ahead of their debut.

Check out their attempt at the mannequin challenge below!