Lee Sang Yeob Has Nothing But Praise For BoA’s Professionalism On “My Wife Is Having An Affair This Week”

BoA has received the highest of compliments from fellow actor Lee Sang Yeob, who was her co-star in JTBC’s “My Wife Is Having An Affair This Week.”

During an interview with reporters about the drama, which concluded on December 3, Lee Sang Yeob spoke about his chemistry with the singer-turned-actress. He said, “I filmed comfortably with her. Actually, I think I ended up depending on her [instead of the other way around]. I was touched by how professional she always was on set. I could tell that she had prepared a lot for the role. Moreover, she was always energetic and so she helped [lighten] the atmosphere a lot as well.”

He continued, “I can’t hold in my laughter well, so I would burst out [while filming], but she always held it in well. She knew her character well and so I think I was also able to show off my own acting very clearly.”

Make sure you catch the latest episode of the drama here below!

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