SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Tears Up While Talking About How One Should Treat Their Mom

SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan and Seungkwan had some wise words during their guest appearance on the December 5 broadcast of KBS2’s “Hello Counselor.”

During the episode, a wife talked about her over-controlling husband and her two sons who are too scared to stand up for their mom.

She explained how he acted like he’s a king at home, and doesn’t seem to care about her based on his words and actions.

When it came time to vote on whether this was a serious issue or not, Seungkwan was unable to stop his own tears while addressing the sons.

“I think the sons have to put in effort [to help their mom] as well. I also came up to Seoul from Jeju Island in order to be a trainee, but I often think to myself, ‘Why didn’t I take care of my mom better when I was still around?’ You can’t think that it’s a given that your mom does the dishes [and housework],” he advised.

“You probably don’t understand yet, but try to talk to your mom even if it’s difficult,” Seungkwan said. “Help her with the dishes and do laundry on your own first.”

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