Ye Jung Hwa Shyly Shares About Her Relationship With Ma Dong Seok

Health trainer Ye Jung Hwa has shared more sweet details about her burgeoning relationship with actor Ma Dong Seok

During a recent appearance on tvN’s “Variety Show Employment Agency” (tentative title), Ye Jung Hwa was asked the actor. She shyly answered, “I’ve been dating him for about three months.”

She continued, “Since we both like working out, we become closer through that. We grew closer after teaching each other as we exercised. Ma Dong Seok has a lovely charm, and he is smart.”

When asked who asked the other out first, Ye Jung Hwa answered, “We didn’t really say ‘Let’s date,’ but instead, we just naturally came to date each other.”

She also revealed that their pet names for each other is “baby.”

Ma Dong Seok and Ye Jung Hwa confirmed their relationship a few weeks ago, back in November.

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