VIXX’s Ravi Announces New, Mysterious “R.EAL1ZE” Project

Although VIXX just wrapped up their 2016 “Conception” trilogy with an additional fourth special album, “KER,” Ravi has revealed a new project is on the way!

On December 7 at midnight KST, both the idol himself and VIXX’s official Twitter account posted an unexpected teaser video of a wall being smashed. After it’s completely destroyed, it simply says, “Ravi. R.EAL1ZE Project.”

Member Ken may also be somehow involved, as he posted the same teaser video, with hashtags that say his name and ask Starlights to look forward to Ravi’s project.

. RAVI R.EAL1ZE PROJECT #real1ze_project #Ravi

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As of now, the entire project is still shrouded in mystery, but stay tuned for updates!