Thunder Reveals Insecurities About The Stage And Concerns Over His New Sexy Concept

At the December 6 showcase for his first mini album, Thunder (Park Sang Hyun) confessed that he was afraid of the stage, even the very night before.

Talking about his 2-year hiatus, Thunder said, “It was a time where the future looked bleak, and I didn’t even know if I could release an album. There were also times when I felt like giving up, so it was very difficult. But those feelings were dissipated in the lyrics of ‘Magic Spell’.”

“Because it was so long before I came back, the stage is a little scary now. It was still enjoyable the day before yesterday, but last night before I fell asleep, I felt afraid. But as I performed on stage, I felt better. I gave it my all.”

The singer also revealed his worry about his looks. “I wanted to show a cool performance, but my face isn’t the sexy type, so I was worried,” he explained.

“But,” he added, “things like gestures, clothes, hair and makeup can help with that, so I thought to myself that I should practice and just go for it.”

Make sure to check out his latest release here.

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