Ha Ji Won Reveals Her Secret To Being A Great Actress

On December 7, Chun Jung Myung and Ha Ji Won appeared as special guests on SBS Power FM’s “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show” to promote their upcoming movie “Risking Life for Love.”

During the broadcast, DJ Cultwo asked Chun Jung Myung what it was like to work with Ha Ji Won, to which he responded, “She has this power to take charge when she’s on set. Even the atmosphere among the staff seems to shift when she arrives. Though she looks young, she has this charismatic presence as an actress that I admire and wish to emulate.”

Ha Ji Won interjected with, “Actually, I’m usually eating chips and relaxing.” Chun Jung Myung backed up her claim by stating that while filming the movie, she had a packet of the chips with her at all times. Ha Ji Won had everyone laughing as she said, “Chips are my source of energy,” to which DJ Cultwo added that the secret to her being a great actress must be the chips.

Ha Ji Won Chun Jung Myung Cultwo

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