Thunder Talks About Making Music and Living With Sister Sandara Park

In a recent interview, Thunder (Park Sang Hyun) shared with reporters the process of preparing for his album, as well as his sibling dynamics with Sandara Park.

The singer revealed that he had been interested in song-writing and producing even before debut. He learned the skills largely through self-study, though he also received a lot of help from his producer seniors along the way.

He also said that he gets inspiration at random times, like when he is playing with his cat, or when he’s watching a movie, or even when he is just eating. However, he struggled a lot with the lyrics for “Good,” taking more than six months to complete it. On the contrary, the lyrics for “Look at Me” were finished in five minutes.

Delving deeper into the subject of music, Thunder frankly expressed his love for music. He said, “Music is one of the greatest passions in my life, and it was a pity that I couldn’t show this part of me much in the past.”

He then confessed that he has been sleeping just two hours a day in preparation for this comeback. The rest of the time that he was awake was all spent either at his workstation or in the practice room.

“Since I didn’t sleep, there were times where I felt woozy. I live with my sister Sandara Park now. She’s a strong older sister to me, and we both trust in each other enough to not worry about the other person. We also don’t talk about work at all, since home is a place to rest.”

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