K.A.R.D Reveals Hidden Member And Group Teaser Image For “OHNANA”

DSP’s new co-ed group K.A.R.D has finally unveiled their hidden member.

On December 8, DSP Media announced the reveal on their official social media site, saying that K.A.R.D’s hidden member will be former KARA member Heo Young Ji. Along with members BM, J.Seph, Jeon Somin, Jeon Jiwoo, Heo Young Ji will be the last member “D,” which stands for “hiDden.”

Meanwhile, DSP Media also stated, “K.A.R.D has a total of three steps to one project, where each album will have a hidden member. The final card ‘D’ indicates a hidden member, but it also holds the meaning that the group is filled with unforeseen hidden talents in terms of music and performance.”


Meanwhile, Heo Young Ji will be promoting with the group as a hidden member for their first album “OHNANA,” which is set to release on December 13.

Are you excited for their debut?

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