Moon Hee Jun Reveals The Moment He Fell In Love With Crayon Pop’s Soyul

Moon Hee Jun opened up about his love story with fiancé, Crayon Pop’s Soyul.

The duo made a surprise announcement last month that they will be getting married, and Moon Hee Jun was recently congratulated during a taping of channel A’s “Singderella” as Lee Soo Geun joked, “I’m hurt. We’re your [“Singderella”] family, so we should have been one of the first to know.”

Moon Hee Jun stated, “Even my mother found out just recently. I wanted my fans to be the first to know because they’ve been by my side for 20 years.” He added, “I said that someone packed a lunchbox for me last time we were taping an episode here and that someone was Soyul. She even packed a lunchbox for me when I was filming a music video.”

The singer explained how the couple met as he said, “I first saw her at a music program recording during my 2013 comeback. I saw her in a school uniform and mistook her for a fan of someone else. It was only when I saw her singing on stage that I knew she was a singer.”

When Han Seok Jun asked how he asked Soyul out, Moon Hee Jun drew the envy of everyone as he replied, “I remember the moment I fell in love. It was when I was struggling with my diet. She went out of her way to bring this heavy box to me that was filled with ten 1.5-liter bottles of burdock tea, which she had brewed and prepared herself. Seeing her sweating bullets on that hot summer day [to bring me the tea], everything around her seemed to become fuzzy.”

Moon Hee Jun confessed, “I want to love her for the rest of my life,” when asked by Kim Tae Woo what he wants most out of his relationship.

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