EXID’s Solji Discusses Her Single Status And Makes Tak Jae Hoon Blush With A Surprise Question

EXID’s Solji recently made an appearance on SBS’s “On the Way to Round 3” (tentative title), a show helmed by SBS’s mobile brand Mobidic in which guests drink and talk. Joined by Jung Chan Woo, Shin Bong Sun, and Tak Jae Hoon, Solji gave her opinion on relationships and love.

When asked why she doesn’t date, Solji said, “Guys stopped approaching me once I became famous. I think they find it difficult [to approach me].”

On the Way to Round 3

She also stated, “I’m never the one to make the first move,” and “In the past, I stayed away from younger men, but now, age doesn’t really matter to me.”

EXID Solji

Solji threw Tak Jae Hoon off-balance when she threw an unexpected question at him, saying “Do you have a girlfriend?” to which Tak Jae Hoon went bright red as he joked, “I’m not used to getting questions like this.”

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