Lee Joon Gi Expresses Fondness For His Character From “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo”

Lee Joon Gi is Wang So’s man to the end.

In a Chinese magazine interview on December 8, the actor was asked which prince he would like to play if he had the chance to choose again, to which he replied he still prefers his 4th Prince, Wang So.

“[Wang So] has a stiff personality, but he is wholeheartedly devoted to a girl, which I think makes him a very cool and handsome character. It was a great satisfaction to have played such a character,” he said.

lee joon gi

But if he had to choose, Lee Joon Gi said he would like to try the role of Wang Wook, the 8th Prince (Kang Ha Neul). He explained, “[It’s because] the 8th Prince is a romantic. And although all the characters went through a lot of changes, many viewers liked the 8th Prince at the start.”

He then added that because he is not a romantic himself, he would like to learn how to be one from playing the character.

Would you have liked to see Lee Joon Gi as Wang Wook?

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