SEVENTEEN Reveals Their Bathroom Sharing Struggle

When you’re sharing a dorm with twelve other members, the bathroom struggle’s got to be real!

On SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show” this week, special guests SEVENTEEN shared a hilarious anecdote about their lives together. The story was prompted by a fan who called in to the show and said she once witnessed The8 saying, “I’ll give you 30 seconds [in the bathroom]!” to fellow member Vernon.


The boys responded to the comical situation by revealing that they use the bathroom three at a time.

“If we go to the bathroom, we go together,” they explained. “This is because there are so many members. In our dorm, we have three bathrooms, so if we all urgently have to go at the same time, the first person who gets there has all the control.”

SEVENTEEN is currently promoting their new album “Going Seventeen.” The title track “BOOMBOOM” was released on December 5 and has since attracted almost 3 million views on YouTube.

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