It’s All Laughter And Smiles For BIGBANG On “Infinite Challenge”

BIGBANG’s pre-recording with “Infinite Challenge” was completed in high spirits!

On December 8, photos of the pre-recording were released on various social sites, showing BIGBANG in their signature fancy outfits with mirthful expressions to match. As the photos were angled to show only the BIGBANG members, there are absolutely no clues as to what they are laughing over, which just ups the curiosity factor. Adding on to the anticipation is the fact that this is the first time since 2011 that all the members are gathered together on the program.

bigbang bigbang 2 bigbang 3

BIGBANG will also be appearing on “Radio Star” soon after. They will also begin promotions for their “MADE” full album on December 13, with two title tracks “FXXX IT” and “LAST DANCE.”

Check out the teaser for “FXXX IT” and watch the most recent episode of “Infinite Challenge” below!

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