Jessica Reveals Who She Wants To Collaborate With (Again)

On December 9, Jessica held a live stream through Naver’s V Live in honor of her latest comeback.

During the show, the singer introduced a wish list of things her fans wanted her to do. One of the requests said, “Please release a song like ‘Udon’ or ‘Warm Noodle Soup (Ohnmyun or Janchi Guksu)’ with Park Myung Soo again.”

Jessica and the TV personality previously sang a duet,”Cold Noodles (Naengmyeon),” together back in 2009.

She revealed that she also wanted to work with Park Myung Soo again, and joked, “Do I have to give him a call now?” Jessica also said that she is particularly fond of the duet they sang as well.

Meanwhile, Jessica dropped her second solo album, “Wonderland” on December 10 at midnight KST.

Would you like to see a collaboration from them again?

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