Byun Yo Han Reminisces About His Unsuccessful First Love

In a recent interview with news outlet Herald POP, actor Byun Yo Han discussed his latest movie, “Will You Be There?” (tentative title) and talked about his own first love.

In the time-traveling movie, the actor plays the younger version of Soo Hyun (Kim Yoon Suk), who travels back and meets his past self. The present-day and past Soo Hyun try to save their first love Yeon Ah (played by Chae Seo Jin).

While it didn’t really get anywhere “because they say your first love never works out,” Byun Yo Han has a distinct memory of the first person he really liked.

“I don’t recall much else because it was when I was young, but I do remember standing outside her cram school (hagwon) after I finished at my own so that I could take her home,” he revealed. Although they didn’t really talk, the actor explained that he did that a few times when he was in his last year of middle school. On one particular rainy day, Byun Yo Han said that he especially got embarrassed because his umbrella flipped inside-out while he was walking her home.

“Back then, it was really puppy love. It’s in the past, but even then I didn’t know if I just liked her or if I really loved her. It was a time when I was still finding myself, or should I say a time when I really contemplated about my thoughts and emotions.”

When asked if he was still in contact with his first love, Byun Yo Han amusingly said, “If I was still in my 20s, I might have contacted her and asked to catch up, but I’m in my 30s now. She could be married.”

“Will You Be There?” will premiere sometime in December.

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