Popular Actor “A” Speculated To Be In Nude Video

On December 10, a video titled “‘A’ Nude Video” was uploaded to various online community sites.

In the video, a man appears completely naked and he accentuates a part of his body.

With the quick spread of the video, many are speculating that the individual in the clip is popular actor “A” due to their similar looks. Furthermore, viewers of the video are claiming that actor “A” regularly wears the same necklace that the man in the video is wearing.

However, it is unclear whether or not “A” is indeed the individual in the video and whether or not the video has been altered to make it seem like he is.

TV Report contacted A’s agency and a source from his agency said, “We will first check the video and talk to you again.”

Speculations are continuing to grow as A’s social media account is currently set as private despite having been publicly active previously.

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