Gong Myung Teases His New Virtual Bride Jung Hye Sung By Naming TWICE’s Jungyeon As His Ideal Type

On the December 10 episode of MBC’s “We Got Married,” new couple Gong Myung and Jung Hye Sung had their first meeting at a ski resort.

In the episode, the two of them rode a cable car together while Jung Hye Sung hid her face with a scarf and communicated only through a sketchbook. Her first question was, “Guess who I am,” but he guessed her identity right away, flustering her so much she threw the sketchbook away.

Her next question was, “Who’s your ideal type,” and Gong Myung answered, “TWICE’s Jungyeon,” which made Jung Hye Sung throw the sketchbook away again.

Gong Myung Jung Hye Sung We Got Married

When they got off the cable car, Jung Hye Sung took off her scarf, and Gong Myung said directly, “You’re so pretty,” making her smile. In the interview, Gong Myung said, “She was so cute. She was different from the person I’d known before.”

When Gong Myung asked her who her ideal type was, she said honestly, “You.” When he asked her who she liked, she pointed at him and repeated, “You.” But in a final jab, she added, “But I’m sorry for not being TWICE’s Jungyeon,” making them both laugh.

You can watch the latest episode below!

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