Eric Is Adorably Pouty About How Lee Seo Jin Only Texts Him About One Particular Thing

Even when they’re not filming, actor Lee Seo Jin is always thinking about tvN’s “Three Meals a Day.”

On the most recent episode of the variety show, producing director (PD) Na Young Suk asked Shinhwa’s Eric what kind of texts he received from Lee Seo Jin on a daily basis.

Showing his KakaoTalk inbox, Eric jokingly complained about how he only gets texts about what they should try to make. “Often times late at night, I get messages that only list various food dishes. Late at night…tian tian noodles, fried shrimp, things like that,” he revealed.

Lee Seo Jin

For example, the actor recently sent Eric a list of six different food items just the other day, with various meat and Chinese dishes.

Later, Lee Seo Jin sheepishly explained, “I do send [Eric] a lot of messages like that. Often times it’s not things I want to eat but rather things we haven’t tried making on the show yet.” He laughed while he revealed that he usually gets inspired when he sees the still-open restaurants while going home after a drink.

No one can deny that Lee Seo Jin is definitely dedicated to the show!

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