Han Seung Yeon Opens Up About “Age Of Youth” Kiss Scene With Ryu Hwayoung

On “Ask Me Anything” this week, special guest Han Seung Yeon talked about her infamous “Age Of Youth” kiss scene with Ryu Hwayoung.

“In the drama, Ryu Hwayoung plays the role of a girl who seduces men for money,” Han Seung Yeon explained during the program’s “Guess About Me” segment. “And in the scene, my character says something about it that makes her so angry that she kisses me.”

In “Age Of Youth,” Ryu Hwayoung and Han Seung Yeon have pretty opposite personalities. Ryu Hwayoung plays the glamorous, gold-digging Yi Na, while Han Seung Yeon plays Ye Eun, Yi Na’s reserved roommate who is in a long-term, monogamous relationship.


“Originally, it was supposed to be a small peck, but the director insisted we kiss for real,” the actress revealed, adding that it ended up becoming the drama’s most-watched scene. In the drama, the kiss ends up throwing Ye Eun into a panicked frenzy, yelling at her roommate before falling to the ground in tears.

Meanwhile, Han Seung Yeon’s efforts on the show did not go unnoticed. Her portrayal of Ye Eun led the idol-turned-actress to receive the Hallyu Star Award at this year’s Korea Drama Awards.

Check out JTBC’s hilarious behind-the-scenes clip of the kiss scene in action below!

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