Actress Kim Ha Neul Shares Why She Wants To Work With Jung Woo Sung Again

Actress Kim Ha Neul was featured on the December 11 episode of MBC’s “Entertainment Weekly.”

During the broadcast, she was told, “You’ve been paired up with many men in your projects,” to which she wittily responded, “There are even more men I haven’t been paired up with.”

When asked which actor she hopes to work with, Kim Ha Neul named Jung Woo Sung, who she previously starred with in the 2016 film “Don’t Forget Me.” She explained, “Even though I’ve worked with him before, I want to do it again. We did a serious melodrama, so I want to try a romantic comedy.”

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She continued, “Jung Woo Sung somewhat has a different sense of humor. I hope to meet him again in a fun, new project.”

In response to a comment about her blooming beauty, the actress quipped, “I’ve been eating love,” referring to her marriage to her businessman husband earlier this year.

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