Yeo Jin Goo Reveals What Kind Of Project He Wants To Work On With Park Bo Gum

Actor Yeo Jin Goo revealed that he wants to work with Park Bo Gum during an interview with MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment Relay” on December 11.

During the interview, Yeo Jin Goo spoke of his friendship with Park Bo Gum, saying, “Our friendship is still going strong. Park Bo Gum even sent a coffee truck to the set of my movie recently, and everyone on set really enjoyed it.”

Yeo Jin Goo Park Bo Gum

He added, “Whenever we talk to each other, we talk about working on a production together.” When asked what genre they would like to try, Yeo Jin Goo answered, “Park Bo Gum is so good at melodramatic roles, so I think we should do a ‘Bromance’ type film together.”

If these two ever worked on a project together, what would you like to see them do?

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