The SoDa Siblings Have Heart Eyes For Kim Tae Hee While Lee Beom Soo Asks Her About Future Child Plans

On the December 11 episode of KBS’s “The Return of Superman,” Lee Beom Soo had a planned fan signing event and took his kids, So Eul and Da Eul. After the event, they went to see actress Kim Tae Hee and gave her a present they had prepared.

Kim Tae Hee The Return of Superman

Kim Tae Hee, surprised and grateful, expressed regret that she hadn’t prepared a gift as well. When Lee Beom Soo asked his kids what they thought of Kim Tae Hee now that they’ve met her, So Eul said, “She’s really pretty.”

Lee Beom Soo suggested to Da Eul jokingly that he should give his stuffed doll to her, but Da Eul refused, saying, “I would be sad and cry.”

Lee Beom Soo then asked Kim Tae Hee about her future plans for children. “It was probably difficult for my parents, but I liked growing up with lots of siblings,” she said. “In the past I wanted a son, but now I want a daughter that could become like a friend.”

So Eul Da Eul Kim Tae Hee

At the end, So Eul said she wanted to invite Kim Tae Hee to their house and both siblings gave her a kiss on the cheek. Da Eul is silent until the very end, when he asked her, “I thought you said you were coming over,” to everyone’s amusement.

Watch the episode below!

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