Da Eul Shows Off His “Manly Side” To Han Ji Min On “The Return Of Superman”

Among others, So Eul and Da Eul got to meet actress Han Ji Min on the December 11 episode of “The Return of Superman!”

With their father Lee Beom Soo, they sought out Han Ji Min in her dressing room and gave her flowers. But Han Ji Min’s eye was drawn by Da Eul’s stuffed doll and she asked, “Can I see your doll? I know Pororo too.” (The doll is one of the characters on the popular children’s show “Pororo.”)

Han Ji Min Da Eul

Da Eul said sternly, “I’m not going to show you!” and Han Ji Min said cutely, “Please, Auntie wants to see it. Can’t you show me?” and Da Eul gave in shyly.

Near the end he even went up to her and said boldly, “Come with me to my house. I’ll show you there,” making Han Ji Min smile.

Watch the episode below!

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