BIGBANG’s Seungri Opens Up About The Difficulty Of Trying To Be Continuously Successful

As BIGBANG gears up to release their “MADE” album very soon, member Seungri opened up about his challenges surviving in the music world throughout the longevity of his group.

On the December 11 episode of the SBS show “Flower Crew,” Seungri honestly shared his experiences in the industry as he spoke with his junior Kang Seung Yoon. Since WINNER approaches their third year as a group, Seungri gave him an important piece of advice, saying, “You have to stick it out in between the uncertainty and certainty.”

He continued, “It wasn’t an easy feat for BIGBANG to reach ten years. You come to be thankful for everything that happened in those ten years. It was hard work finding my own success among members who all do so well.”

He then brought up funny analogies to describe his fellow members, saying, “Our oldest member T.O.P is tender-hearted and Daesung is the one who seems like a grandpa. G-Dragon and Taeyang are mature and warm. I still use honorific speech with them and they treat me well as the youngest.”

We hope to see BIGBANG together for a long time!

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