Kim Jong Min Hopes For A Second Date With Kim So Yeon On “2 Days & 1 Night”

Has Kim Jong Min finally found love?

The December 11 episode of the KBS variety show “2 Days & 1 Night” featured a special broadcast for Kim Jong Min, who is celebrating nine years on the show. The episode featured former cast members sending messages to Kim Jong Min, who is the only original cast member. Kim Jong Min also went on an “avatar blind date” with interpreter Kim So Yeon, which meant that he had to follow whatever instructions the other cast members gave him. Keep reading to find out the outcome of the date!


At the end of the date, Kim Jong Min waited anxiously to see if Kim So Yeon would come out to see him again. He held a single rose flower as he waited to see if she came back. In the end, Kim So Yeon walked through the darkness to come to him.

She said, “In between, I saw a gentle side that I think is the real side of Kim Jong Min. After I found out that the date was an avatar date, I thought it would be nice to meet again and get to know him more, so I came out.”

Kim Jong Min then walked Kim So Yeon to her car, since she had to go back up to Seoul, and remained caring and considerate to her the entire time. After she left, he eagerly talked about his date to the other cast members.

Watch the full episode here below!

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