Rohee Helps Her Dad Ki Tae Young Celebrate By Blowing Out His Birthday Cake Candles

S.E.S member Eugene and actor Ki Tae Young’s adorable daughter Rohee is growing up so fast!

Eugene recently updated her Instagram account (@eugene810303) with a video, captioning it “A joyful birthday party for Rohee’s dad. Approaching the age of almost 40. Rohee’s attempts to blow out the candles.”

In the video, Eugene captures the happy moments of her family celebrating the birthday together. Eugene prepares a cake for her husband and Rohee is adorably trying to blow out the candles. She fills her cheeks with air and puckers up her lips to blow out the candles but the candles don’t go out. She makes a cute pouting face as her father encourages her, saying, “Try one more time!” and they try to blow it out together again.

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