Actress Park Jin Joo Assures Fans She Is Fine After A Minor Car Accident

Actress Park Jin Joo has assured fans that she is doing well after the scary news of a car accident.

On December 12, there were reports that the actress had been in a car accident, with her agency saying, “There was a small accident but fortunately, Park Jin Joo and her manager are both safe without any injuries.”

She soon took to her personal social media account to extend her apologies and gratitude to her fans. She wrote, “Thank you for worrying about me. I am not seriously injured. It was a sloped road and suddenly the car in front of us reversed, so we had to quickly turn the steering wheel and we ran into a construction zone. It was more dangerous for the car in front of us. If we had driven more, we could have fallen into a big hole.”

She continued, “It’s a big relief that no one was hurt. I’m still in shock right now so I’m not sure how my body is, but I’ll be visiting the hospital tomorrow just in case. We immediately switched cars and made it in time for our next schedule.”

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